Monday, May 2, 2011

So What Can Schools Do?

Top 3 Information Agents re: Sex*

1. Schools
2. Parents
3. Friends

*With a close 4th....getting increasingly closer......the Internet.

…[T]hat’s a place [school] that I would expect to know what they are talking about, to tell me the truth, to educate me on what I should know.

—Indiana, male, 17, Asian , sexually experienced.
(Journal of Adolescent Research, March 14, 2011, p. 11)

Suggestions for Effective Sex Education Courses

- Schools typically put the greatest emphasis on condom use. Most schools offer minimal information regarding hormonal contraceptive options and with too great an emphasis on their negative side effects. Schools should try for more in-depth information on hormonal option.

- Teaching about absitinence and contraception is not incompatible and should both be presented in a comprehensive program.

- Teens are increasingly turning to the internet for information on sex, so schools should be pro-active in providing students with reliable sources.

What was your experience?

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